Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[A chance to win!] Bunnies, Crafts and Scots, oh my!

Annette over at The Leveret's Nest is having a fantastic contest. Now, part of the entry is you tell your rabbit about it. Unfortunately, I don't have a rabbit in my home and I think Jade gets first telling to my furry godson Mickey. :)

So instead, I sat my lifesize Stitch plushy down on the futon and told him about it. He looked like he was going to gnaw on the futon, so I instead turned to Freddie Gerbil and told HIM about it. He asked if Annette makes any gerbily creations instead of all those stinkin' rabbits.  I said she probably does have mice, they're cousins to gerbils, isn't that close enough? (Gerbils are really, just desert mice.)

Freddie seemed unimpressed. He'll be even less impressed when he learns I've sent oats to Wesley in bribe.


  1. hahaha Freddie don't worry you're more important than a toy version,xx Speedy

  2. those are so cool! going to check this out asap!

  3. Feel free to tell Mick--I'm not entering the contest this time, so I'll send him over. :)

  4. thank you for mentioning my brooch Lorna! shall definitely be taking Freddie's ideas on board and perhaps there will be a long tailed rodent in my etsy shop in future! hope he got some oats too :)

    1. It seems some "big fat lump of lop" (His words, not mine! ;) ) ate all the oats, so he got some sunflower seeds instead.

      I'll keep my eye open for the rodentia! :)