Monday, April 1, 2013

[Status of the Human] Hi there!

Hello Bucks, Does, Cats and Kittens!

After a dance with severe depression I'm back and online. I have my RSS reader downloading all my blogs (It may get a hernia) and I'll hopefully be soon caught up with all of you!

Freddie is still well and very happy destroying anything that enters his domain. He's got a babysitter for a month as I'm off to Omaha to stay with Cabana Boy. 

Hopefully my brain starts cooperating and lets me spit out some stories soon.. I have one of Mickey that's been rattling around my head looking for an exit.

Hope everyone's well!


  1. We are all good tell freddie that Speedy will be collecting him for a visit to Jenson,enjoy your tripxx Rachel

  2. I have a story rattling around as well, just need the time to get it out of my head.
    Have fun with Cabana Boy--I'm sure Mr. Mick and Freddie will cause enough mischief while you're gone to give you fodder for a month of stories. :)