Monday, March 4, 2013

[Gerbil Fiction] Party at Speedy's!

(One comatose gerbil)

Thank you, Speedy! I had a wonderfuls time at your birthday, even if Mr Mickey is teaching everyone to call me "Foo' Gerbil" instead of my name! I'll forgive Jensen, he's young and doesn't know any better, but I think Maddy'll be donating to my nest if she keeps it up! (Little gerbil stomp)

Be sure to thanks your Mum for the wonderful spread! I'm not sure who spiked the punch. (Looks in the direction of Mickey's Den) Anyway, it was fun, though the world is a little spinny and I decided to spend the day in my nest, only coming out for a piece of popcorn. I almost took a nap on the green wheel.. fortunately, I managed to rouse myself before my human noticed. Phew.

And another party coming up! Mario over at Roadbunner is having his *tenth* birthday party this weekend! TEN! That's like, ancient! He must be using a cane! I hope its metal though, 'cause other wise he'd chew on it and it'd collapse when he needed it, which could be kinda  embarrassing. Wow, Ten. That's almost as old as Mickey's breath!

The Mum muttered something about promising she was gonna writing SOMETHING every single day of March. (Not necessarily posting online) Then the zombie drugs took over. It wouldn't even be so bad  if she wasn't still bitching about paid. (Sighs) See what a gerbil has to put up with?

Anyway, this wood hut isn't gonna gnaw itself! Thank you again for the party, Speedykinz! See you all at Mario's on Saturday!


  1. That may not be the way to get on Mickey's good side....

    Jensen says he's sorry, he thought that was your name. He'll try to remember next time.

    1. Aww -- Don'ts feel bad, Jensen! Its okay, I understand how CERTAIN SUMBUNS spread the wrong name about! (Offers up some sunflower seeds)

    2. Thanks, Freddie! A new favorite!

  2. Mick is gonna squish you, Freddie.
    Jensen is still learning the ropes. Now he is gonna be a big ole bunny, Freddie, so make sure you stay on his good side.
    For a teensy foo gerbil, you sure get around.
    Now stay on all the rabbits' good side, because there are some nasty cats out there that would like to make a bite sized snack out of you.

  3. Any time Freddie Any Time,Parties would be the same with out you mate!xx Speedy

  4. Freddie, I don't want to alarm you, but Mick has been humming "Little Rabbit Foo Foo" a lot lately, and keeps muttering something about foo' gerbils needing to learn when to keep their foo' mouths might want to stay out of sight for a bit.

  5. Mario says, "Thank you!" for the birthday wishes!!! He forgives the cane comment but only because you are so darn cute :)