Thursday, October 11, 2012

[Gerbil Update] Nope, we're not dead yet!

This is a gerbil in his custom made BC Ferries travel device! Okay, it's actually a Real Canadian Superstore tote bag with a plastic travel cage inside. See, BC Ferries makes everyone with pets stay down on the car deck. However, since a gerbil is a very small, rather enclosed, pet, they think its mean to make me stay down there in the cold. The compromise is if they can't see him, they don't notice him.

That's a stripe of my latest knitting. I'm on stripe #3 of my blanket. All I can say is its a good thing I'm not gonna be selling this because there's about three errors per stripe that I notice right off! :D But its good practice, right? And let me tell you, the cold snap that's incoming is certainly motivating me to knit.

And we'll pretend thats a Tim Hortons coffee not a Starbucks tea. They only have Starbucks at the ferry terminals. Blech.

ANYWAY. So, we went off to the parents (mine, not Freddie's) for a week and had Thanksgiving. (Ours is in October, just to confuse our American neighbours.) I ate lots of gluten free foods, got spoiled rotten and went home. :D

..and promptly got a head cold. Day 3 and I'm feeling mostly better. Just a bit tired still. Freddie is STILL bouncing around his cage and using his wheel almost non-stop. I guess he's decided that if he loses the weight I'll start feeding him popcorn again. I'll think about it little guy - that fat little tummy can't be any healthier for you than mine is for me!

Speedy gave me a very pawsome blog award that I'll post hopefully before day's end.

Must.. find.. Timmys..

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  1. feel better soon Auntie Lorna,but I'm glad you got to see your family,and tell Freddie he's due for another Speedy ride...hehehe xxSpeedy