Thursday, January 26, 2012

Running with Rabbits

(SOMEONE probably recognizes the above cute face - that's right, it's Mario from Roadbunner!)

I had a dream last night that I was lying on the living room floor having a chat with Mario. Well, I was talking at him, he was sleeping. Halfway through an obviously riveting conversation, he flopped over onto his side and started snoring. The real Mario is far too polite to do this for real, I'm sure, he'd have flopped over at the start and made sure I knew my importance from the start.

Anyway - so I was talking with Mr Mario about marathons. In my brother's Running Room training groups the fast runners are rabbits, the slow ones are turtles. (I petitioned for walkers like me to be slugs - he ignored me :D ) So, I asked Mr Mario if he runs faster than his Mommy. A marathon is 26.x miles. A bunny runs on average between 25 to 45 miles per hour. We'll put lops at the lower end of the scale since they do tend to be such mellow bursts of energy fellows.  So, in theory, Mario COULD run that marathon faster than his Mom.

However, that would require an entire hour's effort of sustained energy and no distractions. The latter might be possible on an indoor track at a gym.. however, most marathons seem to be run in beautiful places with lots of green grass, tasty weeds.. So, I think we can assume all those tasty things would require pit stops.

Now, to be fair, Mr Mario would probably point out his Momma stops to take pictures, so stops are perfectly acceptable.  His Mommy runs her marathons in 4:20. (I think!) So that gives him plenty of opportunities for snacks, litterbox trips and he can still kick up his heels and beat those silly humans.

Of course, no rabbit would be silly enough to go run 26.x miles for the heck out of, so one would have to find the right bribes..

My dream says the right bribe is plenty of nap time.. which seems to run counterproductive to the whole marathon running thing..

I guess Mario's Mommy safe from competition from her four footed master. I know she has another event coming up.. so may she be quicker than a bunny! :)


  1. Mr. Mick would need some serious bribing to run a a treat every 10 feet...and a litterbox stop every half-hour (with a proper litterbox, he says--not one of those porta-boxes)...and carrot or apple juice instead of water...and a half-hour petting break every couple of miles...yeah, I'm pretty sure he's not going to be breaking any marathon records. :)

  2. I thing we can say with certainty that Mario, Mick, and pretty much anybun else you want to mention would do the marathon faster than Weasley! He'd just go in circles, if he bothered to get up and move at all!

  3. Ha ha. Do you know, we often have conversations about whether Mario could outkick me in a race. We decided in a sprint he'd beat me paws down, but over 26.2 I'd win easy peasy :) ha ha.