Monday, December 26, 2011

Hoppy Christmas and a Hoppy New Year!

(I'll put a tutorial on a free and easy way to flip your movies 90 degrees below)


I had these in a very careful order when I started this post -- but somewhere between the power outage and Blogger saving the draft they got juggled, so in no particular order, some select ornaments from my tree. :) The lack of lights showing is in direct relation to said previously mentioned power outage. (I took the outage to mean "Yeah yeah, get off your ass, drive to your brother's and spend Christmas with family ya humbug!")

My Secret Santa on Petbunny one year had two ornaments made for me with pictures of Sage and Scout. The year Scout had passed, I put up my tree.. and dropped the ornament. It *shattered* against my floor. I was devastated .. and crying .. and whined.. and my secret santa pulled out a Christmas miracle.

This would be the Scout ornament 2.0. She looks way too cute and innocent in this painting.. which, come to think about it, was her modus operandi. "Who ME?" she would ask as she got caught red pawed in whatever she wasn't supposed to be doing. "It was SAGE!" she would say in her cutest way possible .. Actually, she was very good at framing Sage. For years I'd thought it was Sage who was the destructo bun. I was wrong.. Poor Sage.

Along with the Scout ornament came a Fric (or Frac) ornament. My Sage ornament had survived, so the secret santa decided that my two little fosters could use a representative on the tree. I thought in hindsight I should probably have given them to .. uh .. crap. The woman who adopted them from me. (I'm so bad with names!!)  Of course, considering she dumped them on the SPCA in my name without saying boo to me, its probably better I kept the ornament. *Sigh*

After my house fire, secret santa sent me these two to put up on my tree. Of course, I had no tree and my brother is rather anti-Christmas, so they got shipped to Nanaimo and put up on my Mum and Dad's tree. When I came over for Christmas, I found them in a spot of honour, and the other bunny paraphernalia had somehow found homes on the tree and in Mum's Christmas village, and.. :)

 For some strange reason, people assume I'm as hockey obsessed as I am bunny obsessed. I just don't know where I get this reputation from. (*adjusts halo*) Mum and Dad bought me this for Christmas last year and gave it to me when I bought my condo. :) This is the first year its been on my tree! (Or any tree, for that matter!)

*Hangs head in shame* I have no idea who gave me this bunny! It's a 2007 ornament, so I ass-u-me it was one of my Petbunny friends, but uhm...

He'd actually rolled over between me spotting Fergie and grabbing my camera. He HAD been sleeping in his exercise wheel, the silly goober. I guess he either got tired of running or he and Freddie had a falling out.

And you thought only rabbits could give such great disapproving looks! I'm pretty sure this is a "Stop flashing that stupid thing at me and go to bed, woman! And if you won't go to bed, at least let me sleep so I can bounce up and down on my wheel and wake you up at 0430!"

Hope Santa was kind to all of you and that you have a fantastic New Year. :)

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  1. Hee, grumpy gerbil... :)

    Beautiful ornaments, and lucky you to have such an awesome secret santa!

    Mr. Mick sends you Christmas nose bonks and bunny kisses!