Sunday, August 28, 2011

Own a part of a Canadian!

Dear Gerbil in the Sky, thank you for this grub. Do you think you could get the humom to put more sunflower seeds in next time?

As some of you know - I write to earn money for things like food, and internet and gas for my car. It's been a slow couple of months. So! Here's your chance to own part of a Canadian's heart and mind. Doesn't that sound most nifty?

Do you want something written? A poem, an introduction to a product, a short story, a retelling of an adventure? Do you want help with a report, or homework or what have you? (I can't write those whole from the cloth, sorry!) Do you want a story about your child, pet, significant other, favourite plant? Well, here's your chance!

For a mere cent a word, you can order what you like. You can pay by paypal, you can mail me a cheque, you can drive to Chilliwack, BC and meet me for coffee to hand me cash! I'm very accomading that way! :) Canadians can also Interac.  I normally have a $5 minimum, but in the crazy, crazy, "Own part of a Canadian!" sale, there is no minimum! You want a 16 word poem? It'll cost you sixteen cents! Amazing, huh??

If you've not seen an example of my work, you can find it in the blog history here or on my (desperately needs updating) writing blog, or you can hear me read it aloud! (Be warned, next weeks won't be suitable for children!)

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  1. ... I wish you could magically appear at my office and take care of all my documentation that needs to be written! :) I wish you the best and hope you get lots of good clients soon!