Friday, February 4, 2011

UVic Bunnies.

Happy Year of the Bunny! I'm being a bit slack and just posting a link to a video.. the little cutie pie at the start is Chance Bunny.

Oh.. and settlement finally came in so I start house hunting soon! (Which means, bunny hunting shortly there after, right? In the bunny slave sense..)


  1. Yay for house hunting! Mickey and I will be thinking many good thoughts for a new and BUNderful house for you (and Miss Chance, perhaps?) :)

  2. I'm glad you can look for a house, and really hope you get Chance.

  3. YAY for insurance payout!!! Such a sad situation at UVic, it's great that so many wondeful people have joined together to help so many of them, but sad that they will soon start euthanizing anybun who gets dumped. I guess you need to stop the cycle somehow.

    I wish Chance the very best, whether that means winding up with you when you're ready or finding her Furever home before that.