Sunday, July 4, 2010


My little darling angel has been rather quiet for the last couple of days. I should have been suspicious, but you know us oblivious humans, I figured she was just entertaining herself. Yesterday when she started pelting away from me whenever I came near, I started getting suspicious. Why does my bunny think I'm trying to catch her? What has she DONE? I gave a cursory glance around, didn't see anything out of sorts and went on with my day.

This morning I was in the bathroom arguing with my hair when I could hear digging sounds from the room next door. "What the..?" I asked the air and went to investigate. As I came around the corner, my genius little girl was busy trying to push her play boxes into the corner. There's bits of carpet EVERYWHERE. "What have you DONE?" I ask. I didn't yell, I didn't even snarl, I think I was more stunned by her ingenuity than her destruction. A two inch, by eight inch strip of my carpet has been absolutely shredded.

Now, I agree with my little furball that the pink carpet in the computer.. er, HER, room, is hideous. And I do know bunnies must dig when bunnies feel the need to visit Sirius Lee in Australia, but she still got some serious cuddling as punishment for me having to clean it up and cover that chunk of carpet to stop more home decoration.

It's a good thing she's cute!!


  1. "Cuddling as punishment," I love it lol. Hopefully she didn't ingest any of it, but clearly she's had a wonderful couple of days! What a good bad bunny...

  2. Oh no.. She didn't EAT any.. She had piled it all up behind her cage so when I moved her cage to examine full damage done, piles of tufted carpet bits fell. I think she just really enjoys the pulling out of it. Brat.

  3. Who doesn't love a good carpet shredding?? My rabbits try to dig through my wood floor. Jon doesn't understand why they don't get it that they're not going to get anywhere like that. I try to explain that it's not that they really think they can make a burrow, it's more comforting and a fun and challenging project. Men.

    They're going to have a ball with my new landlord's wall to wall carpeting when we move next month :-/