Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things I call Sage.

Still no working camera. So you get text once more. Just picture in your minds a beautiful silver and white Dutch flopped on her side.. giving her human 'the ear' for disturbing her nap with rapid fire typing. See? No camera needed.

I was talking to Sage this morning as I was trying to work out if she was chewing on one of her cardboard pieces under the bed, the carpet or just digging a tunnel to China. (I will eventually move the queensized bed and look.) I realized that the only times I really call her Sage is when I'm trying to get her attention. Typically "What are you doing Sage?" or "Sage, if you don't stop that.." It's about then I realized I have turned into my mother. My mother called me "Missy Chrissy" for years, I got "Lorna" when I was in trouble or it was a serious matter to be discussed.

Sage has a plethera of names; the most common is "Boo". Also "Sage-a-lina" is common for her habit of adopting every injured creature in existance, from abandoned kitties, to injured birds, to three legged spiders. (I kid you not.) The list, which is far from inclusive, would go something like the following:

Boo, Princess Perriwinkle, Princess Fuzzybutt, Princess Fluffytail, Sage-a-lina, Sagey, Sagey-Wagey (which ALWAYS gets flattened ears), Funky Furry Fuzzy Girl, Pookie, Miss Sage-a-licious, Dutch Princess, Mistress of Destruction, Queen Domain Bunny, DAaaaaAAANG RABBIT! (You'll have to picture your own Yosemite Sam accent on that one), Love-a-bunny, Squooshy Nose, Lady Twitchynose, and on the most depserate of occasions.. Sage.

Its a lot of names for a little bunny, but she's worthy of them all. ;)

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  1. No need for pics, great story.

    My 5 rabbits don't have that many names combined!